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SOP MD is dedicated to the creation and effective online delivery of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  In today’s world, having your business be “systems dependent” rather than “people dependent” is crucial to long term viability, legacy planning and human resource management.  Too many small business owners and managers are working in their business, not on their business.  SOPs will provide you with the freedom to break away and work on what your business really needs rather than managing the day-to-day chaos that is so prevalent in today’s business world.

Standardization is one of the pillars in 5-S (the Japanese terms for workplace cleanup, organization and new habit formation), considered to be essential for lean management processes.  Standardized procedures make training new employees much simpler, especially when these procedures are actually being followed by existing staff.

Do your own Standard Operating Procedures or enlist our services in helping you extract your SOPs.  We have years of experience in facilitation of process and procedure.  Put this experience to good use in your business.

Click here for an example of our SOP system for the Collision Repair Industry.

Click here for an example of our SOP system exclusively for DuPont Collision Repair Shops.

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