SOP MD's Standard Operating Procedure Services

Click here for an example of our SOP system for the Collision Repair Industry.

Click here for an example of our SOP system exclusively for DuPont Collision Repair Shops.

SOP MD is a unique, online system for creating and hosting your own Standard Operating Processes and Procedures.  All businesses follow certain steps to run their operations, and some have gone to the trouble of documenting what they do.  Most of this documentation is in writing, but who wants to read an operation’s manual?  Our system brings procedures to life with the ability to add photos, screenshots, videos, audio clips, hyperlinks to documents, websites and much more.  This type of format ensures that you are hitting on all the different learning styles people have, thus maximizing your potential to get your message across.

SOP MD’s system is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, you don’t need to know any programming language.  Simply create! Type in what your step-by-step procedures are, upload graphics, documents and more.  Involve your staff in this creation so they can be engaged in the process and are more likely to implement these procedures.

Use your SOPs for establishing your expectations with staff, for training new staff, for holding your staff accountable for implementation of agreed upon procedures, for managing change, for standardizing your operations in multiple locations and much more.

SOP MD’s system comes complete with employee testing capability and soon we will have an implementation tool to help make sure your Standard Operating Procedures are being followed.  Also in the future will be the opportunity to manage change through updating your SOPs and effectively communicating these changes to your staff and the ability for your staff to submit suggested improvements to your Standard Operating Procedures system.